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  • Nuno Leónidas


    Nuno Maria Figueira Rodrigues Leónidas, architect, born in in Funchal the 31st March 1954.
    Graduated Architect in "Santa Úrsula" University, Rio de Janeiro (1979)
    Post-Graduated in Urban Planning, "Santa Úrsula" University, Rio de Janeiro (1980)
    Attended the course "town planning in six Italian cities", by Leonardo Benévolo, USU, Rio de Janeiro (1980).
    Technical Manager of "Sopal do Brazil, Ltda.", Rio de Janeiro (1975, 1976).
    Technical and Financial Manager of "VERTIGO - Projectos e Construções, Ltda".(1977-1978).
    Architect in CECAN, Rio de Janeiro(1978, 1979).
    1st prize in the Klabin University Architecture Award for a Children´s Cumunitary Center in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (1977).
    1st prize in a competition promoted by the National Housing Bank - BNH, for a social interest housing project, Brazil (1979).
    Teacher in the 2nd and 3rd University Extension Courses on Architecture and Environmental Applied Solar Energy In Mário Pinotti Foundation, Rio de Janeiro, and in the 1st Conference Cycle about Applied Solar Energy Architecture (1980).
    Office in Lisbon (1980-83).
    Teacher in the 1st Post-Graduation Course PG2 in Environmental
    Architecture in "Escola Superior de Belas-Artes" in Lisbon(1983).
    Member of the Council of Delegates of the Portuguese Architects Association (1987-95).
    Member of the South Regional Directive Council of the Portuguese Architects Association (1996-98).
    General Manager and Founder Partner in Nuno Leónidas - Arquitectos Associados, Lda. (Since 1983).

  • Vasco Leónidas

    Vice President

    Vasco Maria Figueira Rodrigues Leónidas, architect, born in Lisbon, the 20th of January 1964.
    Graduated in Architecture by "Universidade Técnica de Lisboa" University.
    Attended the following courses:

    Course of Project Security, in the Portuguese Association of Architects (1992);
    Environmental Protection, Municipal Building Permit and Territory Management Course (1993);
    SAAE basic Course in ARRIS CAD.

    Teacher in the European Founds Sponsored CAD course "Unix Environment CAD".
    Works in "NUNO LEÓNIDAS - Arquitectos Associados, Lda" since 1980.
    Member of "Grupo de Trabalho da Encomenda"(1992) and Professional Practices Workgroup from the Portugese Association of Architects (1997, 1998).
    He represented the Architects Order in the jury for the International competition for the Science University Library of the "Universidade Nova de Lisboa"(1998).
    Member of the South Admission Council of the Architects order (1999-2001)
    Vice President of the South Region Delegate Council (1999-2001).
    Member of the Council of Delegates of the Portuguese Architects Order (2002-2004).
    Currently is project Manager and Partner of NUNO LEÓNIDAS - Arquitectos Associados, Lda..(since 1989).

  • Directors

  • Duarte Tenera

    Director - Creative Department

    Duarte Nuno Azevedo Vicente Ramos Tenera, was born on the 6th of October 1967.
    Graduated in Architecture by the “Universidade   Lusíada de Lisboa”, in 1991
    Professional Experience
    With NUNO LEÓNIDAS – Arquitectos Associados, Lda. (since 1991):

        Epul – “Encosta do Mosteiro” – Lisbon  
        Estoril Praia – Masterplan – Estoril  
        Azinor – Hotel Torre Vasco da Gama – 5* Hotel   - Lisbon
        Sana Park Malhoa Hotel – 4* Hotel - Lisbon  
        Marlagos – “Marina Club” Aparthotel 4* - Lagos,   Algarve
        Marlagos – Tourist Flats - Lagos, Algarve  
        Epul – “Encosta do Mosteiro” – Lisbon  
        Estoril Praia – Housing Complex – Estoril   
        Marlagos – Condominium – Lagos, Algarve  
        Neocivil – Apartments – Plot 14 – Lagos,   Algarve
        Neocivil – Apartments – Plots 10/11, 12/13,15/16   – Lagos, Algarve
        Housing, Retail and Offices - Montijo  
        Norfin – “Office Park Expo” – Offices Complex   – Parque das Nações,Lisbon
        IIES and INATEL – Head Office – Parque das   Nações, Lisbon
        “Galerias S. Bento” – Leisure Center – Railway   Station S. Bento – Oporto
        Vasp – New Facilities – Talaíde   
        Refer – Railway Station – Guarda  
        Estoril Praia – Sports Complex – Estoril  
        Refer – Railway Stations Tunes/Faro – Algarve   - Competition

  • Fernando de Castello-Branco

    Director - International Division

    Fernando de Castello-Branco
    Fernando Nuno Botelho de Castello-Branco, architect, was born in Rio de Janeiro on the 14th of November, 1959.
    Undergradute studies from Universidade Santa Úrsula in Rio de Janeiro (1981),
    Graduate (Master os Science) studies in Architecture from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.), Cambridge, U.S.A..
    Internship at the architecture practice of arch. Sérgio Bernardes (1978 till 1981).
    In his masters degree thesis ‘Upgrading of Substandard Settlements in Developing Countries’ he used as case study the hillside neighborhood of of ‘Casal Ventoso’ in Lisbon to seek low cost sanitation solutions and the urban requalification of that slum settlement in the 80’s.
    Architect in the Municipality of Lisbon in the Rehabilitation of Substandard Areas (1983 till 1988).
    Founding partner of GRAPHOS Architects since 1986 where he remained until 2012. In intellectual co-authorship he was responsible for a significant number of projects and buildings in Portugal, Angola and Algeria.
    Property Appraiser since 2002 granted by ESAI –Escola Superior de Actividades Imobiliárias, in Lisbon.
    Administrator of FULL CIRCLE – Soluções Imobiliárias Integradas S.A., company devoted to procurement and set up of real estate businesses (2002 till 2007).
    Invited by EXPRESSO / SOJORNAL to lead and coordinate the design competition for the new headoffice building the said group would eventually build on Rotunda da Bela Vista in Lisbon, later the decision to build the company’s headquarters moved to Porto Salvo (2002 till 2003).
    Fórum Montijo and Montijo Retail Park are one of many design commissions in co-authorship with architect Paulo Prazeres de Sá, the shopping was part of a final shortlist for award winning design granted by the ICSC - International Council of Shopping Centers (2004).
    Manique Village, a residential condominium nearby Lisbon, in co-authorship, was part of the final winning shortlist of the ‘Real Estate Oscars’ of magazine IMOBILIÀRIA (2006).
    Sesimbra Bay, a touristic development in Sesimbra, in co-authorship, was included in the final award winning shortlist of the ‘Real Estate Oscars’ of magazine IMOBILIÀRIA (2011).
    Associate Director for the International Division – Nuno Leónidas Arquitectos (2013)

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    Urban Architect
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