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  • Nuno Leónidas


    Nuno Maria Figueira Rodrigues Leónidas, architect, born in in Funchal the 31st March 1954.
    Graduated Architect in "Santa Úrsula" University, Rio de Janeiro (1979)
    Post-Graduated in Urban Planning, "Santa Úrsula" University, Rio de Janeiro (1980)
    Attended the course "town planning in six Italian cities", by Leonardo Benévolo, USU, Rio de Janeiro (1980).
    Technical Manager of "Sopal do Brazil, Ltda.", Rio de Janeiro (1975, 1976).
    Technical and Financial Manager of "VERTIGO - Projectos e Construções, Ltda".(1977-1978).
    Architect in CECAN, Rio de Janeiro(1978, 1979).
    1st prize in the Klabin University Architecture Award for a Children´s Cumunitary Center in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (1977).
    1st prize in a competition promoted by the National Housing Bank - BNH, for a social interest housing project, Brazil (1979).
    Teacher in the 2nd and 3rd University Extension Courses on Architecture and Environmental Applied Solar Energy In Mário Pinotti Foundation, Rio de Janeiro, and in the 1st Conference Cycle about Applied Solar Energy Architecture (1980).
    Office in Lisbon (1980-83).
    Teacher in the 1st Post-Graduation Course PG2 in Environmental
    Architecture in "Escola Superior de Belas-Artes" in Lisbon(1983).
    Member of the Council of Delegates of the Portuguese Architects Association (1987-95).
    Member of the South Regional Directive Council of the Portuguese Architects Association (1996-98).
    General Manager and Founder Partner in Nuno Leónidas - Arquitectos Associados, Lda. (Since 1983).

  • Vasco Leónidas

    Vice President

    Vasco Maria Figueira Rodrigues Leónidas, architect, born in Lisbon, the 20th of January 1964.
    Graduated in Architecture by "Universidade Técnica de Lisboa" University.
    Attended the following courses:

    Course of Project Security, in the Portuguese Association of Architects (1992);
    Environmental Protection, Municipal Building Permit and Territory Management Course (1993);
    SAAE basic Course in ARRIS CAD.

    Teacher in the European Founds Sponsored CAD course "Unix Environment CAD".
    Works in "NUNO LEÓNIDAS - Arquitectos Associados, Lda" since 1980.
    Member of "Grupo de Trabalho da Encomenda"(1992) and Professional Practices Workgroup from the Portugese Association of Architects (1997, 1998).
    He represented the Architects Order in the jury for the International competition for the Science University Library of the "Universidade Nova de Lisboa"(1998).
    Member of the South Admission Council of the Architects order (1999-2001)
    Vice President of the South Region Delegate Council (1999-2001).
    Member of the Council of Delegates of the Portuguese Architects Order (2002-2004).
    Currently is project Manager and Partner of NUNO LEÓNIDAS - Arquitectos Associados, Lda..(since 1989).

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    Asia Director
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